De-Risking Agriculture

Platform for all financial requirements of farmers.
Born out of a desire to give farmers an endurable future.

How we help

Manage exposure to risk

Create liquidity for farmers

  • Get paid as soon as you sell. Aggois will advance you the funds you need to cover your expenses - no need to wait for government/buyers to pay you in a few months
  • Cover your market risk by getting a minimum guaranteed price for your produce
  • Get rid of erratic cash flows through a guaranteed monthly income
Improve operational efficiency

Simplify agricultural financing

  • Get introduced to a whole new asset class of agri receivables
  • Objective, independent and reliable credit underwriting for farmers
  • Quick and confident validation of credit profiles of farmers with reliable third-party data
Develop better insurance products

Develop better insurance products

  • Ease and standardize underwriting by quickly evaluating risk profile
  • Simplify the claims management process
  • Bring insurance & credit together to beat erratic cash flows


Get upfront payment against valid MSP receipt

Get a minimum guaranteed price for your produce

Convert your erratic receivables into regular cash flows

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